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Raymond Shafer received the LL.B. in 1941 from Yale and was admitted to practice in Pennsylvania, New York and the Federal Courts. The people he met at Yale were important in the rest of his career; classmates included future Governor William Scranton, President Gerald Ford, Supreme Court Justices Potter Stewart and Byron White, and many others with prominent political careers such as Cyrus Vance and Sargent Shriver. Shafer's love for athletics continued as he played just about every intra-mural sport offered at Yale. He was the high scorer for his fraternity's champion basketball team. At Yale, Ray Shafer was also the first student to ever serve on the boards of both the Barrister's Union and the Moot Court.

Yale Law School fraternity, Corbey Court-Phi Delta Phi 1940
Yale Law School fraternity with prominent members marked
(appeared in Life magazine 1966)

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