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Although neither a Crawford County native nor a Lieutenant Governor had ever been elected governor before, Ray Shafer had been considered for the office as early as 1961. Shafer's opponent in the November election was Milton Shapp, a wealthy Philadelphia industrialist who had upset the Democratic party with a win in the primary. Shafer's running mate was Walter Alessandroni, at that time the State Attorney General and himself a popular Philadelphia political figure. After Alessandroni was killed in a plane crash, Philadelphian Raymond Broderick was nominated for the spot. The margin of victory for the Shafer led ticket was a "quarter of a million votes."

After the election, Crawford County honored the first of their citizens ever to be elected governor by celebrating another Ray Day, on December 20, 1966.

The Shafer Collection includes numerous
pieces of campaign memorabilia, including
buttons, bumperstickers, and bubblegum!

I call on Ray Shafer
This brochure reproduces Pete Martin's series of newspaper articles in support of the candidacy
Postcard of the Shafer family with a message of support.Pennsylvania's Growing and Shafer's On the Move!
Bombs Away!
Political cartoonist Kukic satirizes the Shapp-Shafer campaign
Crawford County declares Ray Day 1966 Plaque presented by the citizens of Crawford County.

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